Womb Blessings & Healings

Womb Blessing & Healing
Womb Blessing & Healing
Group Womb Blessing Details
Group Womb Blessings available with a small group of 8 women only (excludes Womb Healing). Read Author Amber Patton’s journey (News > Group Womb Blessing)

Group Womb Blessing: A women’s search for answers




Womb Blessings & Womb Healings

Why The Womb?

The Womb is the centre of our soul & the female centre of empowerment, which influences our way of thinking & perceiving ourselves & the world.  This in turn affects our desires, energies, emotions & day to day relationships.

You don’t need to have a womb for a blessing or healing as the energy of the womb is still present and you don’t need to have a cycle as you will be following the Lunar cycle.

This is a wonderful bonding experience between a young girl becoming a women and her mother! Pregnant women can enjoy the benefits of a Womb Healing.


Some Womb Blessing Benefits

  • Brings self-empowerment, peace, self-acceptance & self-love
  • Right of closure, to leave the past behind you
  • Stress relief – It’s an oasis of peace in a crazy life!
  • It changes our emotions & our feelings
  • It changes our creative, sexual, spiritual & bodies energies
  • It changes our needs, our wants, our desires
  • It awakens the female energies & gives courage to express your authentic nature (It awakens more of who you truly are)
  • It helps release the guilt attached to feeling you’re not living up to expectations


Some of the Womb Healing Benefits

  • Helps heal the female energies that are blocked
  • It supports the Womb Blessing with energy integration
  • Brings balance to the menstrual cycle
  • Helps regulate hormones, awakens selfless & unconditional love & helps heal female spirituality, creativity, sexuality



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