What to expect for the Blessing (Buck) Full Moon in July 2018

Blessing Full Moon


I’ve been doing my homework on what to expect for the Blessing (Buck) Full Moon in July 2018.  Maybe it’s just me, but I like to be prepared :) So here is my findings and some guidance / steps I’m going to be taking.


Truly a time for blessings with natures flowers in bloom and fruit and veg in growth. The days are longer and we get to enjoy more outdoor time, but the warmth could be making you feel ore lethargic with the need to rest.


1. Make the best of the lethargic feeling by doing some dreamwork. Set your intention before going to bed and keep a journal to note down your dreams the next morning.
2. If you have a garden – use weeding as a way of getting rid of negative emotions
3. Use water in your full moon ceremonies – be it being by water (lake, sea) or having a bowl of water to set your intent when doing your ceremony. As a Sangoma we add salt to water to keep negative energies at bay.

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