The Intuitive Healer (Accessing your Intuition)

Facebook Advert 2It takes courage to discover who you really are!  A face to face course only.

This is a 1 day course with techniques to start accessing your intuition, provide you with introductory healing techniques and assists you in revealing you and your gifts.

It’s also a taster into the Certified Intuitive Energy Healers course.

In this Gentle Warrior 1 day course we use techniques, Ancestors and Guides to start unlocking your intution to reveal your gifts while discovering healing techniques.

Intuitive Energy Healing is an ancient alternative healing practice that uses the senses, Ancestors and Guides to tap into a person’s energy to locate and correct imbalances. These imbalances may be causing a person to feel stuck, lost, depleted or ready for change. The end result is the energy path is clear of blockages and soon back to balance. 

Intuitive Energy Healing can assist with healing various dis-ease such as depression, anxiety (and other emotional or mental disorders) as well physical issues such as back pain, still joints, etc.

The Intuitive Healer Course will cover:

• Techniques to access your Intuition
• Introductory Healing Techniques
• Assist in revealing you and your gifts
• … a taster into the Certified Practitioner Intuitive Energy Healing Course

Donation of €60
RSVP essential through Gentle Warrior on 0877209922