Photos of warriorMore and more people today are feeling disconnected, unsupported, misunderstood and directionless. Most individuals are looking outside of themselves for solutions, when in fact the solutions are inside – in the Warrior that we actually are. 

Being part of a Zulu Tribe in South Africa has been life changing for me. It’s made me look at my Zulu Ancestors, which walked before me, to find solutions to find my inner warrior (the Gentle Warrior). The amaZulu (People of Heaven) believe that “no elephant ever found it’s trunk too heavy”, this is a philosophy our Inner Warrior will be happy to follow.

These are the tribal skills that I am gifting you, to adopt on your journey in finding and integrating your Inner Warrior.  The hunt for your inner warrior – completely free online course.


This 6 module, COMPLETELY FREE, Online Course takes you on a tribal journey to:


• Find support and compassion through a Tribe and Ubuntu,

• Get to know your Ancestors through finding your Roots,

• Discover your Inner Advisor through the skill of Tracking,

• Meet and integrate your Inner Warrior through the Hunting skill,

• Build a relationship with yourself and your Ancestors through Muthi for the soul and the skill of Husbandry

• Celebrate your journey and previous battle scars through Rite of Passage / Ceremony


………. Receive your Next Steps for Survival



Coming Soon – watch this space !!

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