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I invite you to a personal session with me, it will change the way you feel!

I want you to become everything your future self wants you to be!  
                                                        .….. Janine (Gentle Warrior)











Are you feeling like life is throwing you one challenge after the other?  Like you keep getting knocked down and finding it harder to get up?  It’s happening to more and more of us.  It’s becoming harder to hide from our fears and ourselves.  We are being lead to be stripped from the very things that are holding us back and that we have burried deep. 

We need to be stripped of these in order to shine.  It’s not easy and it can feel darn right painful and there is no quick solution.  I’m learning that it’s less painful if you go along with the ride and don’t fight it.  Trust is the solution – trusting that your ancestors can see the bigger picture – know what’s best for you, even when you don’t, even when at this exact moment it just feels unfair.

Hand it over and breath.  I’m not pretending it’s easy, but it’s better than fighting it xx

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