Shamanic Drum Meditation (Tribal Teachings)

Tribal Teachings and Journey FBYour Tribe, Your Support!

Teaching you to connect to your Ancestors and Guides through Shamanic Drumming for weekly guidance and support.

This is a Tribe that honours, supports and teaches each other.


Janine Gentle WarriorThis is a safe and sacred space to connect, learn and thrive. It’s providing you with the time to be yourself, get ready for healthy challenges and practice intuition.

We do so by connecting to our Ancestors, Guides & Tribesman in Sangoma (African Shaman) Ceremony and Shamanic Journey with the drum. 

How could this benefit me?
* Switch off from the manic outside world * receive weekly messages from a Sangoma * learn new things * receive guidance * journey/meditate * experience the Shamanic drum * experience the Sangoma (African Shaman) energy * be yourself with no judgement * practice your intuition * be surrounded by a supportive tribe * find your courage * feel safe and protected

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€12 Contribution