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I invite you to a personal session with me, it will change the way you feel!

I want you to become everything your future self wants you to be!
                                                        .….. Janine (Gentle Warrior)


running on empty spedometereRUNNING ON EMPTY?

Often we make the mistake of trying to help everybody else and do very little for ourselves.  If the oxygen masks come down in a plane, you have to apply it to yourself first before helping others.  We are no good to others if we can barely stand on our own two feet.

We find it easy to protect the ones we love and we wouldn’t stand for somebody treating our loved ones the way we treat ourselves.  So, why are we so harsh on ourselves?

We get to a point where we are so used to running on empty that it becomes a natural process, it’s the norm.  Life passes us by and we are too wrapped up in the drama and exhaustion to notice it.

If you really want to be there for the ones you love, treat yourself the way you expect your loved ones to be treated and have the physical strength and mental vigour to enjoy the life you have then I have the workshop for you.

On 21 Aug I’m running a workshop teaching healing techniques with mighty results.  Start to understand your energy, learn how to heal yourself and how to maintain that energy.

What do you have to lose?  You have everything to gain.


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