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Certified Intuitive Energy Healing Course

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The world needs more healers.  A face to face course only.

This course runs over 4 months (1 weekend per month) and certifies you to become an Intuitive Energy Healer.  You will learn The Basics (to ensure you are safe and protected), to Heal Yourself (ensuring you become a strong healer), how to Heal Others (using healing techniques channeled by the Zulu Ancestors that I use on my own clients) and a Maintenance Program (to ensure you stay safe and strong).  At the end of the course we will undergo a traditional Sangoma Ceremony connecting you to your Ancestors.

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The Intuitive Healer Course (Introduction to Intuition)

Facebook Advert 2It takes courage to discover who you really are!  A face to face course only.


This is a 1 day course with techniques to start accessing your intuition, provide you with introductory healing techniques and assists you in revealing you and your gifts.

It’s also a taster into the Certified Intuitive Energy Healers course.

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Tribal Teachings and Journey FBYour Tribe, Your Support!

Teaching you to connect to your Ancestors and Guides through Shamanic Drumming for weekly guidance and support.

This is a Tribe that honours, supports and teaches each other.

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Tribe Mentoring & Relaxation

The Power of Group Days

Energy is strong and powerful when we gather as a  Tribe.  There are many group events that Gentle Warrior hosts, click to see if any upcoming events grab your interest.

Janine is happy to travel if you have a group already in place and would like to benefit from a face to face workshop.



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