Gentle Warrior Tribe Bone Reading 27th September

Hi Tribe,

This week the Ancestors are showing that some of us are at a crucial point of growth.  When thing are frustrating as it feels like we take a few steps forward and then “fall backwards” again – do we give up or do we push on? 


It’s like if we plant a seed and feed it daily, but we give up as we don’t see it sprouting it (just before it’s about to sprout) and so it withers and dies.  The Ancestors are telling you to keep feeding that seedling.


This week’s mission: 


  1. Make the decision – are you going to keep feeding the seedling so you sprout and grow?


  1. Have you outgrown your existing tools? Are the mechanisms you using working or do you need new tools now to take you to the next level?


  • Ask your Tribe how they are getting through similar situations.


  • If you don’t belong to a Tribe / Community then find one that you feel comfortable in (you are welcome to join Gentle Warrior)



Do you feel you need more tools?  Watch this space as there is an Online Course coming up providing a toolkit for surviving life’s storms.

Gentle Warrior Tribe Bone Reading week 20 September

Hi Tribe,


For those that followed last week’s mission and have been planning and shifting energy, it is now slowly starting to pay off in some areas. 


The main area to focus on this week is relationships of any kind (it can be siblings, boss, partner, friendships, etc.).  You may feel as if you are not being heard or feel misunderstood.  You may even be feeling like you are struggling to understand others.  This conflict and confusion is causing affecting your energy.


This week’s mission: 


  1. Work on the throat chakra daily:

  • Breathe in white light to heal the throat and breath out blocked energy

  • Chant OM


  1. Active Listening:

    • Really focus on what the other person is saying, listen to their words

    • If you understand energy and body language – take it that extra step forward. Are the words matching their energy and body language?  Is there something else their body language and words are trying to say?



Photos of warriorMore and more people today are feeling disconnected, unsupported, misunderstood and directionless. Most individuals are looking outside of themselves for solutions, when in fact the solutions are inside – in the Warrior that we actually are. 

Being part of a Zulu Tribe in South Africa has been life changing for me. It’s made me look at my Zulu Ancestors, which walked before me, to find solutions to find my inner warrior (the Gentle Warrior). The amaZulu (People of Heaven) believe that “no elephant ever found it’s trunk too heavy”, this is a philosophy our Inner Warrior will be happy to follow.

These are the tribal skills that I am gifting you, to adopt on your journey in finding and integrating your Inner Warrior.  The hunt for your inner warrior – completely free online course.


This 6 module, COMPLETELY FREE, Online Course takes you on a tribal journey to:


• Find support and compassion through a Tribe and Ubuntu,

• Get to know your Ancestors through finding your Roots,

• Discover your Inner Advisor through the skill of Tracking,

• Meet and integrate your Inner Warrior through the Hunting skill,

• Build a relationship with yourself and your Ancestors through Muthi for the soul and the skill of Husbandry

• Celebrate your journey and previous battle scars through Rite of Passage / Ceremony


………. Receive your Next Steps for Survival



Coming Soon – watch this space !!

Gentle Warrior Tribe Bone Reading 6th September



Hi Tribe,


Gentle Warrior Tribe Bone Reading 6th September shows:

August (and previous months) were tough for many, but this week’s Bone Reading is showing that things are starting to take a turn for the better.  It looks like things are starting to look up at last.



Saying that, our own energy has not necessarily caught up to universal energy yet. 


This week’s mission: 


  1. There is that need to find the balance of not becoming complacent now (still putting in the work), but finding the time to rest to build up our energy and recover.

When Life is just too Tough

when life is too tough v2I’m sure I’m not the only one finding this year tough.  And I’m not just talking about the amount of blood moons, retrogrades, etc. that’s been going on.  I’m finding that for many of us our challenges are being thrown at us head on, one after the other and with very little to zero breathing space in between.

We all have our story, my year started with miscarriage in January ending my miracle pregnancy and that is a pretty big challenge to kick-start the year off with.  There has been so many other challenges thrown my way leading to a massive amount of energy restructuring going on in my body at the moment and my inner child just not laying down and being unheard this year. 


I’ve had harsh words with my Ancestors, cried and shouted, tried to hide from the emotions and gone for many healing sessions with amazing healers.


I feel this year, as hard as it’s been, is giving us the GIFT to really rise to our challenges, face them and ascend at a much faster rate.  If we do the groundwork now, regardless of the pain it’s causing, we can take this opportunity to Rise Up and shift so much more than we have been able to in the past.


Every time I did Rise Up and this is why:

  • Because I remind myself I am human and that it is OK to feel the way I do, as long as I don’t make it my home.  It’s OK to express my pain as long as I do the work to get through it.

  • Because I don’t want to keep re-living old hurt and habits anymore.  I chose to not push it down now when it comes up.  I chose to listen to it (however it comes up) and then use the tools to hand to shift through it OR if it’s too intense and really deep-seeded than I find the healer that I trust to work with me to get through it. 

  • I take the opportunity to learn from every single lesson that I get through so I can keep growing and find new tools.

  • I’ve started allowing myself to be vulnerable and to ask for support if I need it.  This was a very hard one for me as I’m used to soldiering like a martyr.  I’ve had support from fellow healers, the GW (Gentle Warrior) Tribe, my partner (tribal husband), friends and family. 

  • ….. But of course I’ve also had support from my Ancestors and Guides and we so very often forget that we have support in other realms.  I know I’ve had words with them this year, but I remind myself that they really do know the bigger picture and can see why I need to go through this now and where I’m shining even brighter in my future.

  • I’ve had to listen and rest.  I used to think I could go 100 miles / per, but I’ve realised the energy it steals.  The energy I need to get through these challenges. 


Earth is the greatest school where we have choice – we can chose to stay in the pain or to find the tools (or use those we have) to Rise Up, learn and ascend. 


Watch this space as I’m in the midst of creating an online course to help anybody who is struggling to Rise Up, take their learnings and ascend faster. 

That time they said I was going to Die – Sangoma

Sangoma DancingA Sangoma 

More times than not I get told how exciting it must be to be Sangoma (African Shaman).  Now don’t get me wrong, I am honoured and blessed to be doing this work and I get to meet and work with the most beautiful souls, but there is some very real danger that comes along with this Sangoma Journey.


The Awakening

In 2015 I started awakening to the calling of becoming a Sangoma.  This isn’t a course or training as such, instead it’s something you are born into and then one day awakens within you.  The call is very strong and can’t be ignored, it demands your attention and if ignored you will become very sick.  As I can be so very stubborn, I did learn this the hard way.  Becoming a Sangoma meant going back home (Cape Town, South Africa) for the first time in 10 years, to find a Sangoma for initiations and ceremonies with my Ancestors.


The Truth in being vulnerable

Going home I was very nervous about what I was going to tell friends and family.  I was such a different person now with much expanded passions and interests.  But at the end of the day it comes back to being Authentic and comfortable with who I am.  I never expected understanding or even acceptance, all I could hope for was respect in my lifestyle.


Sangoma and Drum in TownshipThe Townships and Fear

Please remember I grew up in a culture where very little was known about Townships or Sangomas and all were considered to be evil Witch Doctors, reaping death and harm amongst the community.  And yes, there are evil Sangomas and Witch Doctors, but there is also evil in may aspects of society, like government, churches, communities, etc.  One thing is for sure, you’d never go into a Township unless you were from there.  It is an entire different type of dangerous.

Once I met my Sangoma I was quickly told my ceremonies would be held in Nyanga Township, right next to Cross Roads, one of the most dangerous ones and was petrified in discovering I would need to stay over.


You are going to die

Yes, I had family and friends convinced and telling me I was going to die.  Their concern was genuine and very much warranted.  I knew I wasn’t safe, but not becoming a Sangoma would mean I’d remain sick and that was no life for me.  It meant having complete faith in my Ancestors and going into a Township with people I never knew and knowing I would absolutely come out alive.

One of my family members asked many questions to spiritual friends, and was informed that I would likely be safer in the township than walking in the main roads in town.  And she is right, as when I wear my beads, most of the time, I am much respected.  They know I work with the Ancestors, if they are on the light side they re-joyce in the work I do and I am often stopped to receive hugs.  If they are on the dark side, well they fear the Sangoma and the connection they have with the Ancestors as they absolutely believe in the strength of the Ancestors.



I continue to go into the Townships to do my work, but am never “cocky” about it.  I’m very aware of where I am at all times.  I’m also aware that leading up to my ceremonies bring on SPIRITUAL ATTACKS.  They are always visible in my dreams and most the times I am able to see who is doing it (which helps with giving my Sangoma the heads ups).  If not protected properly I can be left feeling tired and ill.  Then there is the PHYSICAL danger where people actually come into the Townships during ceremony looking for me.  Just before my Head Sangoma ceremony I received a warning in a dream of 3 people after me.  I was able to inform my Tribe and these people were found looking for me on the night of ceremony. You see, not everybody is happy with a White Sangoma in a Township doing the traditional work.


The Bridge into the Townships to become a Sangoma

Since becoming a Head Sangoma last year I was initiated into the Zulu Tribe with the responsibility of being the bridge between the White and Black Sangomas.  This is to help show people that need to become Sangomas that they can come into the Townships and survive and do their calling.  It’s a big responsibility and I’ve not had to do it yet, but I know the time will come when I lead many a future Sangoma safely into the Township to leave as a Sangoma.  I have had the honour and pleasure to take my partner, William, safely in to meet my Tribe and to partake in a joint ceremony where we accidently got married.


gentle warrior bones5In the End

I do continue to go into Township, I have faith in my Ancestors and I know the importance of the work I do.  And with that I’m still ALIVE.

That time they said I was going to Die – Sangoma

5 things you should do on the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse July 2018

Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


Hi Tribe, a few of you have reached out to me asking how to prepare for this big event.  And really it is a big one, it’s the longest blood moon this century and will appear red for about an hour and 20 minutes.  To help, I’ve been doing my homework to find out what to expect on the Blood Moon Eclipse due tomorrow.  Research has lead me to put together this guidance for the 5 things you should do on the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse July 2018.




It seems daunting with talk of intense emotions, purging, impulse behaviours, acting out, making rash decisions and feeling uncertain on things. 



Gifts such as releasing karma from past lives, upgrading to a new level and possibility of getting a glimpse in our Soul’s purpose (great for our next steps).



1.  Surrender don’t fight the emotions:

Staying grounded and balanced will help with this. Breathing exercises, time in nature, meditation and anything that works to keep you present.


2.  Work on the 3rd eye:

This eye reminds us that everything is as it should be and for seeing the bigger picture of our soul. IMPORTANT to remember if activating or balancing this chakra – set the intent for it to open / balance at the right level for you at this moment. We don’t want to be blasting it wide open – trust me I’ve seen clients who have done this and it’s not pleasant. Be gentle with working with the 3rd eye


3.  Work on the Crown chakra:

It’s connects us to our higher self, the universe, God or whatever you prefer to call it. But basically we get to connect easier


4.  Channel / Scribe:

Once you’ve balanced the 3rd eye and crown do a little channelling exercise. Call on spirit, your higher self and see what you end up writing. Or paint the message out :)


5.  Connect with your inner feminine aspect:

We all have both masculine and feminine in us.  Research has shown this full moon is very masculine in energy, so balance it out with some nurturing of the feminine. Be gentle on yourself, it’s OK to feel the emotions (don’t push them down), nice relaxing scented bath in the tub to breath, chill and allow the water element to help get those emotions flowing.


Warmest Wishes,

Janine (Gentle Warrior)

What to expect for the Blessing (Buck) Full Moon in July 2018

Blessing Full Moon


I’ve been doing my homework on what to expect for the Blessing (Buck) Full Moon in July 2018.  Maybe it’s just me, but I like to be prepared :) So here is my findings and some guidance / steps I’m going to be taking.


Truly a time for blessings with natures flowers in bloom and fruit and veg in growth. The days are longer and we get to enjoy more outdoor time, but the warmth could be making you feel ore lethargic with the need to rest.


1. Make the best of the lethargic feeling by doing some dreamwork. Set your intention before going to bed and keep a journal to note down your dreams the next morning.
2. If you have a garden – use weeding as a way of getting rid of negative emotions
3. Use water in your full moon ceremonies – be it being by water (lake, sea) or having a bowl of water to set your intent when doing your ceremony. As a Sangoma we add salt to water to keep negative energies at bay.

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5 Reasons to Journey to the Shamanic Lower World

gentle warrior bones5

Hi I’m Janine, Sangoma (African Shaman) initiated by the Zulu Tribe, and Founder of Gentle Warrior.  

In Shamanism there are 3 “non-ordinary” worlds:  The Lower World, Middle World and Upper World.  These worlds are accessed through Shamanic Journeys, usually with a Drum and by entering a “portal”.  For instance you may journey to the Lower World through a hole in the ground.

In this blog we will look only at the Lower World (watch out for August’s blog for Upper World and September for Middle World)


Reason 1:  Nurturing

This is a beautiful nurturing realm surrounded by nature, which makes it a great starting point for all (especially new comers to the Shamanic ways). 


Power AnimalReason 2:  Animal Guides

It’s the World where we meet our Animal Guides, this doesn’t mean they are not present in the other worlds, but they are more frequent here. Meeting our Animal guides may lead to finding your Power Animal, which is seen as an important part of ourselves.  They are known to include pieces of our full power self and help return us to ourselves.  


Reason 3:  Healing Emotions and Thoughts

The Lower World roots our deepest emotions and thoughts and as such is a good start to exploring and healing them.


Reason 4:  Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind stores every single thing that ever happens to you.  The Lower Wold has been linked and referenced to as our Subconscious Mind.  So, the perfect World to really get into that memory bank and heal.


Reason 5:  Recovering Lost Personal Power

We tend to lose aspects of ourselves along the way, such as willingly or unwillingly handing over our Personal Power.  Reasons 1 – 4 above show how the Lower World is a nurturing and healing world for us to explore our Subconscious mind, with spiritual guidance from our Animal Guide, to Recover Lost Personal Power.


If you’d like to experience the Lower World for yourself, come and explore with us in The Lower World Recovering Lost Personal Power Workshop on Sun 29 July at Amber Shop in Galway.

Workshop Details:

That Day I Accidently Got Married

Will and Janine Twin FlamesTwin Flame Time Frame

I’ve been with Will (my Twin Flame) for almost 1.5 years now.  We tend to refer to the length of time in our relationship to that of dog years –everything is amplified by at least x 7. 

Yep, we met as friends in November 2016, in a relationship by February 2017 (that part did take slower), by end of February we were talking about babies, September we were living together, October pregnant (with an unfortunate miscarriage in January). 

We knew very early on that we would be getting married (always looking at 2019) and by beginning of May I chose the design of the ring to be made with the decision to use my diamond from South Africa (from my mom’s marriage to my father). 

My priority was still on falling pregnant and in my eyes the wedding would happen when it happens. 

Handfasting ceremonySangoma Dreams, Messages from the Ancestors

OK let me slow it down a bit.  About April 2017 I started having dreams about us in the Townships with my Sangoma Tribe in ceremony.  Although in the dream our hands were tied I was pretty sure it was a merging of our Ancestors. 

In my head Sangoma ceremony in June 2017 my Sangoma Mother confirmed in deed Will was to come to the land for ceremony, where our Ancestors would be united to work together to protect our relationship.

It felt right and we were guided to head to South Africa in May 2018 for some healing time together, adventure and a ceremony!!

Tribal Wedding PhotoIt’s Ceremony Day – Nyanga East, Cape Town, South Africa

We were spending a couple of nights in a hotel in a not so great part of Cape Town, but it was the closest and safest hotel to get in and out of the Townships relatively quickly.  That day I woke up with so much energy and excitement I remember hanging over Will’s face (as he slept soundly) shouting “IT’S CEREMONY DAY” – a bit of a shock waking no doubt.  Dancing around we got dressed and ready to head to the Townships for our special day on uniting our Ancestors.

Thembi’s house was filled with Sangoma’s, family and friends that I have met over the last 3 years and it was such a welcome and blessing to see them all again.  There was singing, dancing, drumming and drinking with the Ancestors (I just wet my lips as I was driving).  We were standing outside the house when a Police car drove and stopped staring at these 2 white people in beads in a black Township wondering what to do, but we smiled and waved that we were in deed safe and here out of free will :)

In the height of the ceremony there was a lot of crying and chanting in Zulu and I leaned in towards Will whispering “this is starting to feel like a wedding!”  Will, who was by now pretty intoxicated having to drink mine and his neat spirits with the Sangomas for the Ancestors, agreed that it did, but it was a beautiful experience.  Next thing we hear “where are the rings?” to my response “WHAT?”  Next thing we hear “husband and wife”, with people crying and cheering.  Puzzled looks on our faces Will leans over and says “Did we just get married? 

Sangoma Ceremony DayThe Aftermath

Yes, indeed we found ourselves in a Tribal Wedding and are now married in our Zulu Tribe.  After enjoying the rest of a stunning ceremony, I drove my not so sober Husband back to the dodgy area we were staying in (yep apparently our honeymoon night).  Not before stopping at the Spur (a family restaurant) for steak and alcohol.  I did the right thing and bought a six pack of savannah’s (cider) for me and beers for Will, where we stayed in the hotel room for the night with me spending most the time repeating “how the hell did we just get married”. 

Next day I had time to digest everything and I was very pleased that we had our Tribal wedding first.  We didn’t share it with many people and the rest of our holiday was one big honeymoon J

Where does this leave us?

We didn’t legalise the Tribal Wedding (it was sacred and for us only), but we do call each other husband and wife and in our eyes we very much are.  The engagement ring is finally ready, and I’ll wait for Will to pop the question and we are hoping for the western wedding maybe 2019 (which was always the plan), but is very much dependant on pregnancy, etc.

It pretty much sums up our relationship really – Tribal Marriage (the day I accidently got married), then engagement and then Western Wedding (which of course will not be traditional).  And who knows what surprises they will throw at us in between that, but I can’t wait to find out :)