Janine Schuller

 Janine Schuller – Sangoma, Moon Mother and Tribal Teacher

My wish is to help you find your Tribe, connect with your Ancestors and find the courage to live life”            

Meet some of my Zulu Tribe from Nyanga, this was getting ready for my Head Sangoma ceremony:



I was born in South Africa with the gift of being able to see the other realm, but with some hair raising experiences I quickly shut that down.  The intuition never left me and I never could shut down the sense of knowing there were others standing next to me.  I’ve always been told I’m meant to be a healer, but chose to ignore it as I wanted the big career and all the “normality” in life.  I guess looking back now I was never settled in the corporate world and I kept aiming for more, but it was never the salary, title or company that was the issue!

I was warned by a few spiritualists that there would come a time when I would have to become a healer and leave the corporate world, but I never ever took that seriously and I kept on going.  My denial eventually lead to a diagnosis of depression and anxiety.  If only I’d known then that it was my biggest awakening.  Lucky for me I wasn’t on meds for long as I made a conscious decision to work on myself by facing my emotions and do some serious healing.

I’d say my biggest breakthrough was moving to Ireland (the beautiful emerald isle) as that lead to life changes for me. I wasn’t long in Ireland when I was told again I had anxiety and was offered medication.  The Dr said “you are literally suffocating yourself”, which made me realise I was in fact literally suffocating my soul by pretending to be somebody I was not.  So I left the corporate world and started GENTLE WARRIOR.  

But that was only really the start of my journey! I’ve always had womb issues and so became a Moon Mother to heal myself and others.  I became the first Moon Mother in Republic of Ireland and through working on myself and others I no longer have Adenomyosis or am on the mirena coil for pain management.

Whilst studying Shamanism I was on a journey and I was wearing feathers on my head standing in front of a fire, I took a deep breath and stepped through it, but when I stepped out of the fire I was wearing beautiful coloured beads and was surrounded by an African Tribe.  This confused me, but my mentor was wise enough to know I had just awakened as a Sangoma.  The African journey can be a tough one, the Ancestors are strict with me and were calling me to leave my security, use the last of my savings and travel back home for my ceremonies.  I fought this calling with all my might, but again became sick until the day I booked my flights back home, not knowing what I was in for.  I went blindfolded in faith that my life was never going to be the same again.  I spent weeks in the Townships with a Zulu Tribe with my family concerned about my safety (the townships are the unsafest place to be in South Africa, the danger is very real with the highest gang crimes and rapes about).  I was brave enough to trust as I knew unless I became a Sangoma I would always become ill.  Since then I’ve become a Head Sangoma and am very proud to be in the Zulu Tribe.  My Ancestors are beautiful and strong and live inside me and I wish that everybody has the honour to meet and work with theirs too.

My journey still continues with ups and downs, but I think the difference now is I have faith in something bigger that always pulls me through.  I’ve learnt courage helps me face obstacles quicker and I have great support from my Zulu Tribe back home and the beautiful Tribe here in Ireland.

“When I started my spiritual journey I found it to be confusing and, to be honest, pretty scary at times.  I was concerned friends and family would think I was going mad and so bit my tongue and plodded along in confusion and fear, not knowing who or where to turn to.  I vowed that I’d start a community to support anybody starting or already on their spiritual path and help in mentoring and empowering them.  A community with a safe and sacred space to learn, explore and heal.  When you  join me for a Shamanic Journey, workshop or healing, you don’t only leave with knowledge and healing, but you will leave with a Tribe supporting you every step of the way”

– Janine (Gentle Warrior)


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