Healing Earth, Healing Self Retreat

Healing Earth Healing Self

Healing Earth, Healing Self?

Experience has taught me that when we heal Mother Earth with an open heart, she returns the favour.  Through Shamanic Ceremonies we will be journeying through the Medicine Wheel to heal through Earth, Fire, Air and Water elements.  A weekend of Shamanic Healing, Yoga, Nature and Pampering (hot tub, steam room and massages).

It is through the medicine wheel that we heal our wounds, traumas, limiting beliefs, fears & start letting go of the grip of the past.  This “shamanic map” can be used for finding direction in life, understanding ourselves & for aligning ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.  Each direction on the Wheel kick starts a path of self-realisation into the mysteries of life which can lead you to the very core of your being, to your True Self, bringing enlightenment and fulfilment.

What could the Retreat do for me?

  • You’ll be guided to experience the energy of Mother Earth and to receive her healing
  • You will be guided to healing traumas
  • You will guided to healing your ancestral lineage
  • You will be guided to healing your past
  • We will be working on our purpose
  • You’ll learn how the Shamanic Medicine Wheel can heal you
  • You’ll connect with Shamanic Animal Guides for healing
  • You’ll be guided to meet your ancestors, to understand you are never truly alone
  • You’ll get to experience Yoga Dance inspiring you to mindfully move your body, refresh your mind & expand your vitality (suitable for all levels of fitness)
  • You’ll get that all imperative “ME” time with the use of hot tub and sauna & steam room (for free) and at an additional cost we can arrange an onsite massage for you
  • You’ll get to pamper yourself in this luxury retreat accommodation with tasty vegetarian / vegan style food (we cater for all dietary requirements)
  • You’ll be guided through Shamanic Journeys, with the drum, to receive healing, direction and wisdom and experience the power and healing of the Shamanic Drum
  • You’ll follow Shamanic Ceremony to move into a revitalized new energy (re-birth)
  • You’ll feel more energized and refreshed after the retrea
  • Release any blockages in your life, physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically
  • Jumpstart on your physical health and gain that momentum to keep you going after you go back home
  • Gain a new perspective to look at things different in your life
  • Find new ways to express your authentic self
  • Reconnect with your inner feelings and allow emotions to come through

How will I know if the Retreat is right for me?

  • you feel stuck in a rut with no direction
  • you feel overwhelmed and stressed from life / job / relationship / family.
  • you feel unsupported
  • your life is at a transition point now and I don’t know what to do next
  • you are trying to find out what your passion is
  • you are trying to find out what your purpose is
  • you feel alone, even in a group of people
  • you are hanging onto the past
  • you are drawn to explore nature and Mother Earth
  • you are frustrated and ready to receive messages from your Spirit Team
  • you know there is something better for you, but it’s out of your grasp
  • your creativity has dwindled and you feel unmotivated
  • you have difficulty making your own decisions
  • you are tired all the time and / or your energy is up and down
  • you are ready for your next steps
  • you operate from fear and lack
  • you are in need of time out and some pampering
  • you feel like you are up in the air and not within your own body
  • you want to start some self-exploration
  • you want new experiences with like-minded people
  • you’d like to learn to journey / meditate
  • you’d like an interesting way to grow in a safe environment surrounded by like-minded people

When & Where is the Retreat?


Link to the luxury venue:  http://theredgates.com/ 

YES – this Retreat is perfect for me – now what?

Firstly, congratulations on taking the leap to Healing Earth, Healing Self – this will be an experience to remember!

€260 Earlybird Special

€295 Full Contribution

€100 Deposit required

Contribution includes:

  • 2 nights luxury retreat accommodation (shared rooms, limited single rooms available at an extra cost)
  • All lunches, dinners & tea time snacks
  • Hot tub & sauna
  • Workshop
  • Yoga Dance

Contact us for more information and to book your space


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