Guidance from Spirit Guides


Why Guidance from Guides?

When life throws a curve ball at us we either frantically look around for support, to no avail, or feel a complete lack of support, even alone.  Our Guides and Ancestors have direction for us, we just need to know how to ask and receive the message.

How will this workshop help me with Guidance from my Guides?

  • you will be guided to understand ego, logic, spirit guides and intuition
  • you will be guided to create a welcoming environment
  • you will be guided to protect yourself
  • you will be guided to clear your head
  • you will be guided to ask the correct question
  • you will be guided to receive your message
  • You’ll be guided through Shamanic Journeys, with the drum, to receive healing, direction and wisdom

How will I know if I need Guidance from my Guides?

    • you feel lost
    • you have no direction
    • you are stressed
    • you are anxious
    • you are depressed
    • you have no options
    • you feel alone
    • you are lacking support
    • you don’t know your life’s purpose
    • issues are holding you back
    • you are holding onto the past
    • you don’t understand yourself
    • you have unhealthy or broken relationships with yourself and others
    • you are suffering from anger
    • you feel disconnected
    • you are confused (brain fog)
    • you know there is something better for you, but it’s out of your grasp
    • you are fearful of the future
    • you are ready for your next steps
    • you want to start some self-exploration
    • you want your life to flow from a mediocre to exciting

When & where is the Workshop?

25 SEP   I   AMBER SHOP 18 MARY STREET, GALWAY   I   10:30 – 16:30

Note:  There are coffee shops in walking distance from venue or please feel free to bring in your own lunch 

 YES – I’m ready to start receiving Guidance from my Guides, now what?

Firstly, congratulations on taking the leap to thriving and to heal your past, nurture your present and create your future.

Contact us for more information and to book your slot and get ready to receive guidance!

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