Group Womb Blessing: A women’s search for answers

I was delighted and honoured that Amber Patton attended a monthly Group Womb Blessings and chose to share her experience, journey and positive changes with us”. Janine (Gentle Warrior)

We all seek a healings for different reasons– and because of the diverse nature of a Group Womb Blessing and its ability to affect us spiritually, physically and emotionally, the blessing itself can adapt to the needs of those seeking help. It was my curiosity that drove me to first approach Janine about taking part in a Group Womb Blessing at Amber’s Holistic Centre. It is not a blessing limited only to mothers, or women who experienced discomfort or issues with their uteruses; but also targets creative blocks and emotional imbalances. Janine expressed to me that it didn’t matter your age, your body or your walk in life – this blessing had the ability to start each woman on their own, unique spiritual journey.

As a Moon Mother, Janine had the background knowledge, and the spiritual ability to create a very open and holistic environment for those who took part in the blessing.  I was drawn to Janine’s energy, and her gentle nature which made me feel safe and confident in a somewhat unknown and confusing time in my life. What was unique about the Group Womb blessing was the fact that none of us had ever met one another before. The eight of us were strangers – all specifically drawn to attend this particular blessing with Janine on this day. I remember we started out by staring around at one another with nervous excitement for what was to come. But, by the end, I hope I am not the only one in saying, that I feel a connection to all of them – even if it is only a thin thread of the journey we shared together.

Janine’s approach to the blessing was calm and collected. We began with a guided meditation which immersed us all into the flow of energy within the room. Janine was our guide, her light a beacon, as we entered into a space between lucid dreaming and being awake. Then, one by one, she began her healings. The exact nature of her healing is still unknown to me since my eyes remained closed, but I do know that when she came around the circle of women to me, I felt a rush of heat throughout my body.

Each one of us in the blessing that day has a different story to share about our experiences under Janine’s touch. For me, the rush of heat was all I felt, and when I opened my eyes I was slow to speak and form complete thoughts. While others were alert and bright eyed about what they had experienced during both the meditation and the blessing, I receded within myself feeling no difference. Maybe I had done something wrong? Lost connection, or broke my meditation too early.

Janine explained that the blessings were the start of our spiritual journeys that will be very different for each person. This blessing would spur events in our lives, good and even bad. Change is not always easy, but necessary to grow and thrive. As she told us of some possible changes, both physically and emotionally, I began to wonder what would be so different for me? And then I remembered why I sought Janine in the first place.

Recently, I’ve gone through a tremendous amount of changes that effected my living situation, my relationships and my career. In turn, my creative outlet suffered the most because of it. As an author, when you are unable to write either due to writers block, or lack of confidence, it can be very unsettling.

Following Janine’s womb blessing, my life changed drastically once again. But, for the first time, I feel I am finally back on track. I’ve found a stable home with a person I love, and I had the courage to remove emotionally unhealthy people from my life. It was two weeks of incredible stress, movement and change and then I took a deep breath into my new life and path. My passion for writing has returned. The block, which I had placed on my creative outlet myself, now removed and I feel balanced and confident once again.

The Womb Blessing will affect everyone differently, and even if you don’t really know what help you seek, whether spiritually, physically, or emotionally, if your curiosity is peeked, then do not hesitate to try it. If you’re ready for change, if you’re ready to step into your own power as a woman, then look no further and speak to Janine. She will be your guide.

~Amber Patton

Group Womb Blessing Details
Group Womb Blessing Details

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