Gentle Warrior Tribe Bone Reading week 20 September

Hi Tribe,


For those that followed last week’s mission and have been planning and shifting energy, it is now slowly starting to pay off in some areas. 


The main area to focus on this week is relationships of any kind (it can be siblings, boss, partner, friendships, etc.).  You may feel as if you are not being heard or feel misunderstood.  You may even be feeling like you are struggling to understand others.  This conflict and confusion is causing affecting your energy.


This week’s mission: 


  1. Work on the throat chakra daily:

  • Breathe in white light to heal the throat and breath out blocked energy

  • Chant OM


  1. Active Listening:

    • Really focus on what the other person is saying, listen to their words

    • If you understand energy and body language – take it that extra step forward. Are the words matching their energy and body language?  Is there something else their body language and words are trying to say?

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