Gentle Warrior Tribe Bone Reading 27th September

Hi Tribe,

This week the Ancestors are showing that some of us are at a crucial point of growth.  When thing are frustrating as it feels like we take a few steps forward and then “fall backwards” again – do we give up or do we push on? 


It’s like if we plant a seed and feed it daily, but we give up as we don’t see it sprouting it (just before it’s about to sprout) and so it withers and dies.  The Ancestors are telling you to keep feeding that seedling.


This week’s mission: 


  1. Make the decision – are you going to keep feeding the seedling so you sprout and grow?


  1. Have you outgrown your existing tools? Are the mechanisms you using working or do you need new tools now to take you to the next level?


  • Ask your Tribe how they are getting through similar situations.


  • If you don’t belong to a Tribe / Community then find one that you feel comfortable in (you are welcome to join Gentle Warrior)



Do you feel you need more tools?  Watch this space as there is an Online Course coming up providing a toolkit for surviving life’s storms.

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