Gentle Warrior 4 Week Xmas Challenge: Week 4 – To ME from ME


There’s many a reason Xmas is also referred to as the “silly season”.  With a massive errand list of gifts to buy, food to buy and prepare, house preparations before the family arrives…… and that’s just to name a few…..  Where is there time to treat ourselves?


It’s equally important to STOP and enjoy some pampering and self-love. 


Yes, I know life is busy and for many you are juggling kids, work, husband, etc.  This is why I have 3 ideas that don’t require much time, but can have a big impact:



  1. Soak time: Hot bubble bath, calming music, soft lighting (candles) and soak away the worries.  Try adding some Epsom salts and rose oil to the bath water. 


  1. Treat yourself: Take an hour or so to treat yourself to a treatment such as a massage, reading or healing session.  We all need some direction, relaxation and energy shift to reset our button. 

    Gentle Warrior is always here to help treat yourself.  To book a distance or face to face appointment with us click here:


  1. Time Alone: Even if it’s a walk in nature, just a bit of piece and stillness to unwind and relax. 

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