Gentle Warrior 4 Week Xmas Challenge: Week 2 – Declutter your Mind

With so much stress, worries, projects and errands leads to a mind full of chaos and clutter.  But a mind of clutter doesn’t help us get to where we want to be, if anything it tires and slows us down.  By decluttering our mind we find a mind of calm where we can start to find our way and move forward.


Our brains our complex and the thought of decluttering our mind can be daunting, that is why I’m suggesting we keep the concept of decluttering our mind simple.


Here are 4 simple suggestions:


  1. Declutter your environment: You may not even realise how visual clutter occupies a part of your mind which causes mind clutter.  Ever notice when things are packed away and clear, how clear your mind becomes?  Commit and declutter even 1 – 2 rooms this week.


  1. Go for a walk: Walking and nature helps to clear the mind.  I like to walk around our local lake and take a few minutes out to sit on the bench, enjoy the scenery and breathe in the fresh air.  Calms the mind – clears the head.


  1. Breathe: Such a simple yet very effective technique.  Breathe in deep through the nose (as you do so push your stomach out) for the count of 4, hold for the count of 2, and slowly breathe out through the mouth for the count of 4.  As you breathe purely focus on hands.  When your mind wanders, keep focusing on the hands with every breath.  This is also known as grounding yourself (pulling yourself back into your body and focusing on the present moment).


  1. Jot it down: If you have endless tasks and things on your mind, it helps to jot them down on paper.  This kind of gives your mind permission to rest as it’s in clear view on your notepad.  To Do Lists help to note all our errands down and frees up the brain.

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