5 things you should do on the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse July 2018

Blood Full Moon Lunar Eclipse


Hi Tribe, a few of you have reached out to me asking how to prepare for this big event.  And really it is a big one, it’s the longest blood moon this century and will appear red for about an hour and 20 minutes.  To help, I’ve been doing my homework to find out what to expect on the Blood Moon Eclipse due tomorrow.  Research has lead me to put together this guidance for the 5 things you should do on the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse July 2018.




It seems daunting with talk of intense emotions, purging, impulse behaviours, acting out, making rash decisions and feeling uncertain on things. 



Gifts such as releasing karma from past lives, upgrading to a new level and possibility of getting a glimpse in our Soul’s purpose (great for our next steps).



1.  Surrender don’t fight the emotions:

Staying grounded and balanced will help with this. Breathing exercises, time in nature, meditation and anything that works to keep you present.


2.  Work on the 3rd eye:

This eye reminds us that everything is as it should be and for seeing the bigger picture of our soul. IMPORTANT to remember if activating or balancing this chakra – set the intent for it to open / balance at the right level for you at this moment. We don’t want to be blasting it wide open – trust me I’ve seen clients who have done this and it’s not pleasant. Be gentle with working with the 3rd eye


3.  Work on the Crown chakra:

It’s connects us to our higher self, the universe, God or whatever you prefer to call it. But basically we get to connect easier


4.  Channel / Scribe:

Once you’ve balanced the 3rd eye and crown do a little channelling exercise. Call on spirit, your higher self and see what you end up writing. Or paint the message out :)


5.  Connect with your inner feminine aspect:

We all have both masculine and feminine in us.  Research has shown this full moon is very masculine in energy, so balance it out with some nurturing of the feminine. Be gentle on yourself, it’s OK to feel the emotions (don’t push them down), nice relaxing scented bath in the tub to breath, chill and allow the water element to help get those emotions flowing.


Warmest Wishes,

Janine (Gentle Warrior)

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