5 Reasons to Journey to the Shamanic Lower World

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Hi I’m Janine, Sangoma (African Shaman) initiated by the Zulu Tribe, and Founder of Gentle Warrior.  

In Shamanism there are 3 “non-ordinary” worlds:  The Lower World, Middle World and Upper World.  These worlds are accessed through Shamanic Journeys, usually with a Drum and by entering a “portal”.  For instance you may journey to the Lower World through a hole in the ground.

In this blog we will look only at the Lower World (watch out for August’s blog for Upper World and September for Middle World)


Reason 1:  Nurturing

This is a beautiful nurturing realm surrounded by nature, which makes it a great starting point for all (especially new comers to the Shamanic ways). 


Power AnimalReason 2:  Animal Guides

It’s the World where we meet our Animal Guides, this doesn’t mean they are not present in the other worlds, but they are more frequent here. Meeting our Animal guides may lead to finding your Power Animal, which is seen as an important part of ourselves.  They are known to include pieces of our full power self and help return us to ourselves.  


Reason 3:  Healing Emotions and Thoughts

The Lower World roots our deepest emotions and thoughts and as such is a good start to exploring and healing them.


Reason 4:  Subconscious Mind

The Subconscious Mind stores every single thing that ever happens to you.  The Lower Wold has been linked and referenced to as our Subconscious Mind.  So, the perfect World to really get into that memory bank and heal.


Reason 5:  Recovering Lost Personal Power

We tend to lose aspects of ourselves along the way, such as willingly or unwillingly handing over our Personal Power.  Reasons 1 – 4 above show how the Lower World is a nurturing and healing world for us to explore our Subconscious mind, with spiritual guidance from our Animal Guide, to Recover Lost Personal Power.


If you’d like to experience the Lower World for yourself, come and explore with us in The Lower World Recovering Lost Personal Power Workshop on Sun 29 July at Amber Shop in Galway.

Workshop Details:  https://www.facebook.com/events/2087294998259056/

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