What to expect for the Blessing (Buck) Full Moon in July 2018

  I’ve been doing my homework on what to expect for the Blessing (Buck) Full Moon in July 2018.  Maybe it’s just me, but I like to be prepared So here is my findings and some guidance / steps I’m going to be taking. POTENTIAL IMPACT: Truly a time for blessings with natures flowers in bloom […]

5 Reasons to Journey to the Shamanic Lower World

Hi I’m Janine, Sangoma (African Shaman) initiated by the Zulu Tribe, and Founder of Gentle Warrior.   In Shamanism there are 3 “non-ordinary” worlds:  The Lower World, Middle World and Upper World.  These worlds are accessed through Shamanic Journeys, usually with a Drum and by entering a “portal”.  For instance you may journey to the Lower […]

That Day I Accidently Got Married

Twin Flame Time Frame I’ve been with Will (my Twin Flame) for almost 1.5 years now.  We tend to refer to the length of time in our relationship to that of dog years –everything is amplified by at least x 7.  Yep, we met as friends in November 2016, in a relationship by February 2017 […]